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School #7

Technological village
Technological village on the territory of the Woodprocessing factory

Wood processing
Wood processing by one of the "Technological village firms"

Evangelical Christian Church of Heliulia

Heliulia football stadium

The first waterfall
Water tourism on Tohma

Apartment houses
Apartment house

Beautiful scenery
A house between the woods and the river

The official population of Heliulia is 3.5 thousand people. The area telephone code is 81430, postal code (zip code) is 186760. The village has its own local administration, the administrator is Nikolai Alexandrovich Serzhantov. Among organisations of Heliulia are the Village Council, school(in pre-Soviet period the school of Heliulia, built in 1902, was located in Telman village, at the present site of the garage of "Sortavalskiy" farm, after the war it was to the right of the road when entering the village from Sortavala), fire department, kindergarten, hospital, library, post office. The village also has a few firms - "Sorsu", operating on the premises of the former Woodprocessing factory, which is now called the "Technological Village"; a few of the factory's premices are occupied by smaller firms; there are also a few building ventures.

The village has a few shops and kiosks, a barber's shop, a public bath place, a drugstore, a bar. Near the gym there is the Evangelical Christian Church of Heliulia. Different sports activities daily take place in the gym, every summer the local stadium sees a lot of football action. In the winter they make ice in the local skating rink and in the summer local amateurs take out the tennis net there. The Heliulia football team performs well in the city championship, and our tennis players even win the city cup.

The Tohma river banks are covered with boat garages. Every other village inhabitant is a fisherman and every summer those, who own motorboats, travel down Tohma on the way to Ladoga and those, who prefer a quiet evening with a fishing rod, find themself a peaceful spot on the river bank or on one of the nearby lakes. The rugged Tohma river upstream is very popular among water tourism fans. Many people have their own gardens, some of them are quite large and beautiful. Fragrant apple-trees and lilac bushes adorn private house gardens; smaller vegetable gardens are usually right next to apartment houses. The village is surrounded with fields - in the spring and in the summer many families come out to plant and harvest potatoes - their daily bread, earned through hard work.

The village has many brick buildings - five five-floor apartment houses and several one-, two-, three- and four-floor houses. The many wooden two-floor houses for several families neighbor with one-floor wooden houses for one or two families. On the other side of the river there are quite a few so-called "block" houses - a whole neighbourhood of apartment houses for several families, built in the 80-90's. You can also see old finnish buildings on the territory of the village; those are the buildings that survived the War.
Fire depo
The fire depo of Heliulia

Office building
The woodprocessing factory office building

"Maxim" bar

Heliulia village gym

Tohma river
River Tohma, full of boat houses

Private house gardens

House near the river
A house near the river

Block houses
Block houses area on the other side of the river