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"...The general-in-chief Alexey Grigorievich Orlov is known besides for his "military achievements" (of Chesmen!) also for the fact that after he resigned in 1775 he started breeding horses and through breeding an Arabian, a Frisland and an English pedigree he achieved a popular in Russia breed of the Orlov horses, and also shortly before his death, in 1806-1807, he was in the process of organizing a popular army for resistance to Napoleon. This very Orlov was the owner of the Tohma river, where there was a multitude of water mills (altogether around Serdobol at the end of the XVIII century there were about 15 of them, most of them belonged to count Orlov), and the largest of them, the Orlov water mill, was located at the present-day Miulliukiulia village (Myllykylä translates as "Mill village"). He was the one who owned the "Anna's" cast iron mill in a place called Karatsalmi (Suojarvi), named so, probably, after his daughter..."
Vladimir Sudakov

"...and that marble is used in St.-Petersburg for different public buildings. It is being brought here by contractors on strong galleons, on which they board it two miles away from Serdobol in the Geliulia river, which runs into the Serdobol gulf. To the pier, that is on the Geliulia river, from the Ruskeala marble production it is considered to be about 30 versts [1 verst=3500 feet], which the marble travels by dry land, which is plenty of labour and hardship..."
N. Ozeretskovskiy, 1792

"...Lead is also found 4 versts from Serdobol near the Geliulia river by the road to Ruskal two versts to the side..."
V.M.Severgin, 1805

"...The marble is transported from its production site in the winter on horses for about 15 versts to a small river Gelliulia, where they load it on large flat-bottom boats. On those boats they take it in the spring to a place on the Gelliulia river, where the galleons can moor; there they load the marble on those galleons and send it to its destination points...
...Into the northern part [of Ladoga] the following rivers run from from Finland: Minola, Tuloma, Uksu, Liaksilia, Gelliulia...
...Gelliulia river, which flows from the Karmilia lake, although small, runs a very long distance. It is remarkable because for 8 versts from its mouth in the lake it is open for galleons, and near the post road there is a pier, where they get loaded with Ruskeala marble, willow bark etc. Further upstream the river is accessible for large boats, which bring the marble to be loaded on galleons. The depth of the river from its mouth to the bridge is at least 8 feet and is absolutely clear for ships sailing...
...The length of a galleon is 100 feet, width is up to 28 feet. It carries from 15 to 25 thousand poods and then can be in the water as deep as 12 feet [it has a flat bottom]..."
A.P. Andreev, 1875

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