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The ruins of the castle
The Kuusisto castle ruins in 1999. Photo courtesy of Mr. Pauli Kruhse

"...This is what 19th century books tell us about the events of that time: "...In the summer of 1317, the Germans (Swedes) having come to the Ladoga lake, again killed many Onega merchants, just like in 1283. In order to avenge this, in 1318 the Novgorodians went with war over the sea to the Full river (now Aura-ioki), burned down Luder's city (Abo) of the Suomi prince (the Duke of Finland) and Piscupl (Bishop's castle Kustö (Kuusisto), the ruins of which still exist on the island by the same name), and came back to Novgorod with success..."

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